Choosing the right roofing company

Choosing the right roofing company

References: Don’t be afraid to ask for references. An established reputation indicates the likelihood that your home is in good hands, and will continue to be.

Warranties: Did you know, the installation process (both product and application technique) must be extremely specific in order to maintain the validity of the product warranty? Ask, or research into your product choice to ensure coinciding products that maintain validity are being used. Some instances, the product warranty and labour warranties are separate – ask, and make sure you get both. Whether offered from the manufacturer, roofing company, or both.

Years in Business: Check into how long the roofing company has been operating. The Better Business Bureau statistics state that 96% of contractors go out of business within just 5 years. Again, someone establishing a good reputation will gladly provide references – and a roofing company operating 5+ years will be a decent sign of a workmanship warranty being honored!

Cost: The total (bottom line) amount is not where to place your focus, especially if you are asking more than one roofing company to quote. There are a multitude of brands, and levels of protection available in all of the materials to be installed – of course entailing a variance in cost. So make sure when comparing quotes, that they are actually comparable – be sure to question if only one quote is provided with selected materials. Why did they pick those for your roof?

Documentation: A roofing company should have liability insurance and WCB coverage. Proof of this is easily obtainable – so no hesitation should be expected. Without having proper certification, operating on your property, makes you responsible!

Experience: Assess your overall experience with a quoting roofing company. Your home is your most important asset. Replacing the roof will likely be the largest purchase you will ever make for your home. Should you accept a roofing company simply emailing you a quote? Absolutely not – is the best “Optimal” advice! Whether you are roofing your forever-home, or planning to sell in the near future, every family has different wants and needs, and of course a budget. Decking, underlay, venting, and choices of shingles, cedar, synthetic and more! These different key points of install all contribute to make a roof that’s right for you, at an appropriate cost also. The OPTIMAL Sales Process: A qualified manager will schedule an appointment to visit with you in your home and provide you with a wealth of information, including product samples, so that you and your family can make an informed decision. They are available to you, face-to-face, to answer all your questions. We provide more than 1 quote, to show you the different options, how it effects the overall “life expectancy” of your roof, and of course what those options  mean in dollars! We take a lot of pride in our sales process in order to create peace-of-mind for you and your family.