Optimal Roofs is a family owned and operated company, with over 20 years combined experience in the industry. The creation of Optimal Roofing Systems was designed to blend the VERY BEST aspects of a professional roofing company into one entity. We did our research, and worked with our customers to come up with a complete system that takes you, the customer, on a pain-free, honest and comfortable installation of your roof.

We begin with a professional sales team that is dedicated to educating you on your roof, as well as giving you the tools and products to choose from to make the best decision for what fits your budget and your style. We understand that there is a lot of information, product and decisions to be made, and we ensure that you not only pick the product that best suits your wants and needs, but you are also taught to understand everything we do, and more importantly, why we do it.

We then introduce you to our expert roofing crews, our foremen having over 16+ years of experience.  Our crews, fully certified in fall protection, safety, cleanup, and professionalism carry out our work to the high standard in which our customers come to expect when choosing an Optimal Roof. You meet the people that will be installing your roof, and you also have piece of mind to know that the owners of the company will be there every step of the way.

Finally, we seal the deal with our own workmanship warranty, guarding you in both workmanship and the material we install. This finalizes our commitment that we will ALWAYS BE THERE to ensure your roof continues to shelter and protect your most important asset.

Optimal Roofing Systems is also one of the only roofing companies that provide our own FINANCING options. This allows you to be comfortable with your purchase, and realistic in what you can afford. Your roof is a very important aspect of your house, guarding you against the elements and sheltering your family and we want to do everything we can to help you achieve these goals. If financing is something you are considering we are here to help and one of our staff members can book a time to sit down with you and discuss your options.