Choosing a Roof

Choosing a roof for your home can be a process that can lead you into a web of information and products. You will find roofing companies that will suggest certain products based on their own opinion and in some cases, what gives them the most return for their sale. You will speak with neighbors who have had their roofs done, and what has worked for them. You will also partake in researching for yourself to see what product will work best for you.

Optimal Roofing Systems maintains a neutral perspective on product. The reason why we can say that is because we are authorized installers of most products on the market today, and can give you information on all of the products you are wishing to research, giving you information on how they will help you and your wanted application.

Let’s break down some of the major questions you might ask when you begin to look at a new roof for your home:


What are the different types of product available/recommended for my roof?

  • Duroid
  • Cedar
  • Metal
  • Slate
  • Tile
  • Organic composite
  • Synthetic

Duroid asphalt shingles are the most commonly installed product today. They compromise of over 80% of roofs completed.


Now that I have chosen a type of roof, which type of material is best for me?

Products can range depending on the roof type you have chosen. Here are some helpful links to some of the major manufacturer’s websites, to give you more information on product * Authentic look of cedar and slate with lifetime performance  *North Americas largest roofing manufacturer *British Columbia’s largest independent roofing suppliers *One of Canada’s largest roofing suppliers


How do I select a good roofing company?

There are a lot of roofing companies out there today to choose from. Some customers prefer to go with a company that has been around for a long time to achieve piece of mind in upholding warranties, good work crews and to complete their work based on RCABC standards.


Other customers tend to base their options in accordance with the available budget they have to spend, and which company can do the job for the cheapest price.

Selecting a roofing company does not have to be a tough decision. Areas Optimal Roofing Systems prides itself in include:

Customer Service: A roofing company should be able to take you through the steps from start to finish. You are about to embark on a costly home renovation and we understand that you expect prompt, professional and friendly service.

Fair and complete Estimate: An estimate should include a full written document outlining what would be entailed in renovating your roof. It should include the product that would be used and should be explained in full as to what you are receiving for your purchase.

Professional work crew: A crew should include employees with knowledge in fall protection, first aid and of course the ability to carry out the work in which you have given the okay.

Professional Sales team: Your sales team should take you through every aspect of your roof, show you what product options you have and should also be able to give you some good examples of projects done in the past.


What types of warranty can I expect for my roof product?

Each product comes with an estimated life span, depending on which product you choose. If a duroid roof is something you are considering, the warranties that accompany the product have now changed to limited lifetime warranties. Prior to this change, duroid shingles were rated separately based on their expected lifespan. You will find that all duroid shingles now come with lifetime warranties to compete with options such as synthetic and tile roofs. Speak with a sales associate to find out more on warranties that are available based on the product you are interested in.


What Colours and styles of the product are available?

Colours and style vary greatly. Once you have chosen the type of roof you are looking to have installed, colours will be given to you based on making a decision on the specific product. Look at how the roof will best compliment your existing siding, fascia and other features of your home. Ask your installer to see samples to get a better understanding of what the product looks like. We often provide pictures and homes we have completed in the past with the same colour you are choosing to give you a clear look at the colour application for your roof.


How long will it take to install each of the products available to me?

Installation can vary depending on the product being installed, the pitch of your roof and the available options for access. It can also depend on weather conditions. The roofing company you have chosen should be able to give you a timeline on how long the process should take from start to finish, based on good weather conditions.



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