The Optimal Process

Optimal Roofing Systems takes you through the process from the initial meet and greet, all the way to the final product in a step by step process to help the customer to understand not only our optimal process, but how we ensure that you are given the best product, and that you fully understand the product we are using to complete your project.


The homeowner has either contacted us, or we have spoken with you in relation to having your roof inspected, and an estimate written up.  We ensure a convenient time is booked for you.


During our inspection, pictures are taken to show you any areas of concern.  We also give you information on the expected lifetime of your current roof, and give you some options to think about should a new roof be required.  You will meet with a member of our sales team, and the foreman of our service department.


After we have explained all aspects of your roof, we will book a time in which our sales office can meet with you to provide you with an estimate along with samples of types of roof options, product options and the types of roof you would like to consider.  Our sales team will ensure you are educated on the types of product you can choose from along with colours and types of venting offered.


We will leave you with all the information, giving you time to make a sound decision.  All you have to do is simply give us a call to confirm when we can continue with the work!


Product will be delivered to your house and loaded professionally on your roof, ready for construction to begin.  Weather can make a difference when the roof can be started, and when work can be done on your roof to prevent any interior damage.  Keep in mind if its raining, it can stretch out the time the work takes to complete.  A yard bin or truck will also be used to dispose of old material.  Tarps and plywood will be set up to cover windows, flower beds etc from any falling debris.  Board will be put down over sidewalks and grass to prevent wear and tear from falling debris.  Protecting your home, yard, and your loved ones is our number one priority.  Safety is always the first consideration on our job sites.


Work begins on your roof, first disposing of your old roof, and replacing it with new product, underlay, and venting.  New metal work, as needed, will be replaced, skylights will be replaced if that was discussed, and flashing is always replaced.  New plumbing stacks and goose neck vents will also be installed.


Once the roof is completed, the entire property will be pressure washed and cleaned up, ensuring absolute cleanliness.  Furthermore, at the end of every day we are working at your home, our crew will tidy up to your standard.


Homeowner is encouraged to inspect the roof and ask any questions or voice any concerns.    The final walk over is completed and your home takes on a whole new look –  with an Optimal Roof!